I’m back!

It has been more than a year since I last posted. I really, really tried to write more and I had these ideas but I never seemed to materialize it to even a short blog post; I’ve been too busy and my laptop’s keyboard is acting up. This time I want to write continuously…for real!

Here’s a short recap of my year:

  • Started baking and sold my goodies (August 2017) — Sweet tooth alert! I figured out I spent most of my money eating sweets…and getting dental check ups. So I thought I should start baking to actually make my cravings adjusted to my taste preferences. Surprisingly, my friends (and their friends) liked it and asked me to sell them so I did. I was making a living off of it for a few months then I got busy, but I still make time for special requests.
  • Got a new job! (October 2017) — I left my job as a research assistant and became a general administrator but in the same city. I really learned a lot from this new job especially in Excel. I have no idea why people don’t like to work on spreadsheets. I really enjoy handling large data sets, actually do some programming, and all that Excel stuff. I want to learn more about this so I’ve been reading on it and giving myself time to practice.
  • Went through a major breakup (April 2018) — If you’ve read some of my posts, I think I mentioned Gio in most of the travel ones. Well, that Gio is an ex now. We’ve been together for 2 years and 2 months so you can just imagine the great shift in life. He’s been with me in most of my adventures and it’s kind of sad that he won’t be there anymore, but we broke up pretty well and in a mature way so it wasn’t really that painful. He remains a friend and there’s no hostility or bitterness at all.
  • Went back to yoga (April 2018) — Having more time after work now post breakup, I decided to get back to doing yoga and finally had the courage to try the poses I wouldn’t even dare think about before when I was doing home practice. Padangustasana — check! Actually, I improved my overall balance and concentration so this was a yay for me.
  • Colored my hair with an unusual color…and got a tattoo! (May 2018) — Yoga was the start of a string of impulsive decisions. For May, I maxed it out. I had my hair bleached last January 2018 into an atomic blonde just because I was really bored with the black hair. Come late April, I impulsively bought a blue green hair color to DIY myself (see Adore Emerald hair dye) and when it arrived mid-May, hello wild hair! Prior to that, though, I had myself inked with a lotus flower and a dandelion with an “om” sign. Both flowers signify strength and perseverance and om means oneness with the universe so it kind of explained what I’m trying to be for the rest of 2018 (and my life).


  • Went overseas for the first time (July 2018) — my best friend Sasha and I impulsively booked a ticket to this place where we wanted to go ever since college. I was really nervous for my first international trip because I had papers to process. As a government scholar, there was a travel ban for us and it was recently lifted, but I still had to get a clearance which meant I had contracts to notarize, letters to write, and forms to fill. Guess I was blessed because it was approved immediately and I went abroad easily. I’m still coordinating with Sasha for our pictures during the trip so please stay tuned for the next post!

Guess that’s it. I’m really excited to write about the overseas travel I just had and more about what’s going on with my life as I’m expecting another major shift this year.

Thanks for dropping by!



Question of the Day #2: Fears

Q: What is your most irrational fear/biggest phobia and what triggered it?

A: It’s definitely my fear of frogs (ranidaphobia). I remember it started when I was visiting my grandfather in Bicol as a kid. At that time, the weather was really bad and there was a storm bound to pass our town. Before it rained, we visited my mom’s aunts, a ride away from our house. We stayed there until the sun was about to set and the clouds were getting darker. When we were about to go back, the road is suddenly filled with frogs of all sizes and colors! I’m not even exaggerating. It’s impossible to just go around them because there was so little space to walk on. I was so scared since they were jumping everywhere. My aunts were convincing me to just walk and they will jump out of my way but I stood in front of their gate, frozen in fear as I imagine the frogs’ cool, slimy  skin touching mine. My uncle had to carry me and accompany me back to our house. On the way, frogs were still everywhere, jumping and jumping. I did not go out until the next day when the sun was up and shining brightly.

It was then that I learned that frogs come out whenever it’s about to rain and our town in Bicol is their ideal breeding ground since it’s surrounded by bodies of water, especially swamps. Every time I go back to Bicol, I make sure to stay indoors whenever it’s about to get dark or whenever it’s about to rain. I still run for my life when I see frogs, even if it’s just a YouTube video. I’m okay with cartoon frogs though, as long as they’re not so realistic.