Question of the Day #2: Fears

Q: What is your most irrational fear/biggest phobia and what triggered it?

A: It’s definitely my fear of frogs (ranidaphobia). I remember it started when I was visiting my grandfather in Bicol as a kid. At that time, the weather was really bad and there was a storm bound to pass our town. Before it rained, we visited my mom’s aunts, a ride away from our house. We stayed there until the sun was about to set and the clouds were getting darker. When we were about to go back, the road is suddenly filled with frogs of all sizes and colors! I’m not even exaggerating. It’s impossible to just go around them because there was so little space to walk on. I was so scared since they were jumping everywhere. My aunts were convincing me to just walk and they will jump out of my way but I stood in front of their gate, frozen in fear as I imagine the frogs’ cool, slimy  skin touching mine. My uncle had to carry me and accompany me back to our house. On the way, frogs were still everywhere, jumping and jumping. I did not go out until the next day when the sun was up and shining brightly.

It was then that I learned that frogs come out whenever it’s about to rain and our town in Bicol is their ideal breeding ground since it’s surrounded by bodies of water, especially swamps. Every time I go back to Bicol, I make sure to stay indoors whenever it’s about to get dark or whenever it’s about to rain. I still run for my life when I see frogs, even if it’s just a YouTube video. I’m okay with cartoon frogs though, as long as they’re not so realistic.