For your Japanese fix: Sakura Terrace


For a person who likes Japanese food too much, your regular Japanese fast food places aren’t enough; and for a person living in a small city such as Baguio, I had limited choices. It wasn’t easy looking for Japanese restaurants that serve authentic but affordable dishes. I was lucky I found Sakura Terrace.

Sakura Terrace is a sister company of a well-known ramen shop in Baguio, Yamashita, but Sakura had more selections when it comes to rice meals. The restaurant has a minimalist interior, with black chairs, white walls, and brown tables. Even the decor has a subtle taste to it. Maybe it’s made that way so you won’t be distracted from the food.

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The staff is really friendly and accommodating. They are always very considerate of requests and their service is prompt. They give free side dishes and/or dessert along your regular order. Usually, there’s miso soup, but we’ve been served potato salad, free iced tea/lemonade, gyoza, and if you’re lucky, your extra rice is free or you get a slice of their (₱90-₱120!) cheesecake.

For this specific visit, I ordered Gyuyakiniku Teishoku, or a beef stir fried with yakiniku sauce and onions topped with sesame seeds. This dish comes with one cup of rice and coleslaw, and the serving is big! I’m a huge onion fan so I don’t really mind the amount of sweet onions on the dish plus look at how much rice and beef there is. The coleslaw is enough to make you full if you’re a light eater, but the sweet taste of the yakiniku sauce with the steaming rice will make you keep on eating. Gio and I usually share/swap pieces of our orders and I have to tell you, despite having another person getting a piece of beef here and there, I still manage to have some leftover beef after I finished my rice. I munch on it, of course. This set costs ₱260 (~$5) but you get what you pay for.

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Gyuyakiniku teishoku with a side of free miso soup!

Gio is really fond of their curry rice and how can I disagree? The curry is too aromatic! Whenever it is served, I had second thoughts on my dish because the curry smells so good. They didn’t even save up on the meat and sauce. Their curry rice has many available variants but we usually order the karaage (ginger fried chicken), chicken katsu, pork katsu, or the mix (chicken + pork katsu) and we were never disappointed with the serving. The carrots and potatoes are really soft, and you can even request the level of spice in this curry and they will gladly oblige. When we order this, there’s no doubt that another bowl of rice will be ordered. The sauce is enough! This meal is at ₱230 ($4.50).

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

Karaage Curry

Sakura usually has few customers, which is part of its charm. The place is quiet, their free wi-fi is fast, their service and food is also commendable. This is one of my go-to places for authentic and filling Japanese food in Baguio. Check out their menu here!

Ambience: ★★★★
Service: ★★★★★
Food: ★★★★★
Price: ★★★

Sakura Terrace is located at 168 Military Cut Off, Baguio City. It’s beside Kubong Sawali and above Zio’s Pizzeria. If you’re a Japanese food fan, be sure to try here when you visit Baguio City!



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