Short night skin care routine

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As you remember from my previous makeup routine post, I put on a lot of products on my face even though it’s not that heavy. Of course I need a deep cleansing every night to prevent acne growing out of my face and it really is uncomfortable feeling my pores are clogged by dirt and make up, so here’s what I do to keep my skin healthy every night.



First of all, I have to remove all that make up on my face and I learned that washing with just a facial foam is not enough.

I always start with Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser to take off huge amounts of make up from my face. The cream smells nice, actually, but the feel on my face is like it was from animal fat. I apply it evenly on my face, let it sit for about a minute, then wipe the excess off with cotton squares. The oily feel is still there but my skin feels instantly moisturized and a lot lighter. It definitely took off most of the make up and dirt on my face. It’s actually recommended by other people to keep this on overnight but I read an article that says it works better when it’s not kept on your face for the whole night.

After this, I make sure to wash my face with the facial foam of the month that I chose and it varies so I didn’t include it in this post. I make sure though that I don’t use facial foams with microbeads because it’s harmful to marine life.

Last month, for some reason, my skin decided to give me large, painful pimples as if I’m undergoing puberty again. This is the reason why I chose Eskinol Pimple Fighting Deep Cleanser as my toner, although my favorite is definitely the Spotless White one due to it’s citrus-y smell and instant effects. This Pimple Fighting variation works well for me and it cleans out the left out dirt and make up after the cold cream and facial foam. I can’t say that I didn’t get a few pimples every now and then (hello, monthly period) but this toner dries it out immediately. It smells really strong and I can definitely smell the alcohol component of it, and whenever I apply too much on my face, it can sting my eyes a bit.



I use two moisturizers on an alternating basis, depends on what kind of skin do I need in the morning. I use Olay Regenerist more often than the other because it’s easier to apply due to its viscosity and I can definitely see the “anti-aging” effect it promises. I know, I’m too young to use these kinds of products but 1) my mom gave it to me and 2) it really regenerates my skin so when I wake up in the morning it doesn’t look tired at all plus I notice that I have less wrinkles. The other moisturizer I use is Garnier Light Complete White Speed when I want to wake up with flawlessly fair skin. It does instantly whiten even on application. I use this usually when I know that I will wake up late and will have no time to do all my make up, this keeps me looking fresh. The only downside for this is I don’t like how Garnier products dry immediately so it kind of clumps when you’re not fast on applying it. This is also an upside, though, because it means the skin absorbs it easily.

I use petroleum jelly on my lips to keep them plump and moisturized. I am usually dehydrated so my lips get dry and crack, plus the cold air of Baguio does more damage than I can imagine. Petroleum jelly regenerates the skin and locks in moisture so I wake up with soft lips that do not need exfoliation before applying lipstick. I’ve read that petroleum jelly really does not help with moisturizing and is actually bad because it breaks down collagen, but the effects I see says otherwise.



For stubborn acne, I use a 3% solution of salicylic acid. It’s commonly found in anti-acne creams/ointments with other components like zinc oxide, but I use this one because it works faster and dries out the acne immediately. Downside: really dries the surrounding skin and darkens it for a while, but hey, it’s nothing a concealer and moisturizer can’t fix!

For days when I feel kind of extra, I use Purederm Skin Softening Yogurt Mask which keeps my skin soft and radiant. The smell of strawberry yogurt makes me want to eat it but well, it’s a face mask. This one is the wash off type to yay for me because I hate the peel offs because my skin is too sensitive (although sometimes, they’re necessary.)

I’m not saying this is the best night skin care but the cold cream is a definite go especially if you apply Instagrammable make up. Keep your skin healthy, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Short night skin care routine

    • Hi Kima!

      I bought it at a local drugstore and it costs around 30 pesos. It dries my acne 2-3 days after use. Where did you buy your Skinmate and does it dry the skin or not? I might give it a try. 😊


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