Current lipstick collection: review and swatches (Part 1: Dark)

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

Growing up, I never thought I would own a lot of lipsticks because I didn’t think that it’s a need. The first time I wore a lipstick was when I had to attend my uncle’s wedding and I’m one of the flower girls. I didn’t like its texture and its vibrant red color on my face. I thought, why would anyone change their lip color when it’s naturally pink?

I was young and I didn’t know a lot of things.

Now I own 10+ lipsticks and it’s currently one of my favorite parts in my makeup routine. The color of your lipstick boosts your confidence and can sometimes change your entire aura.

So here goes my lipstick collection. I will separate my lipstick colors into two: dark and light.



From L-R:

  • Revlon ColorStay in Backstage

This was the first lipstick I ever bought for myself! I was in this phase of discovering lipsticks — and the darker ones at that. I heard that Revlon ColorStay is a long-lasting lipstick, no need to retouch all throughout the night. So I headed to the mall and asked the saleslady which color is their darkest, and she offered me Backstage.

When I first used this, I thought it was too dark for me. Now that I’m looking back at my pictures with this lipstick on, it’s plum with slight pink undertones. I was told that the finish was matte, but it was a semi-matte on my part. It was still a little bit shiny. However, it did deliver its long-lasting characteristic. It wasn’t really easy to smudge so yay!

The downside is it isn’t really that dark (for lipstick extremists) and the lipstick is kind of fragile so it’s easy to break.

  • Nyx Matte Lipstick in Alabama

When I bought this, I was transitioning from dark to red lipstick. That phase didn’t last really long, though. This is the reddest lipstick I have, and I rarely use it because I am not really sure it fits my personality. But during the times I used this, I feel sexy and empowered.

The lipstick is really smooth to apply. This is also semi-matte for me, but not as shiny as the first one. The downside is the lipstick is really easy to smudge, not really fit for me since I eat a lot. I use a lip brush to apply this so as not to overdraw my lips.

  • LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Black Currant

Definitely my darkest lipstick. It’s not really black, though it’s almost there. I rarely use this now since I don’t want to overwhelm my co-workers, but when it’s party night (very rare night!), this is one of my go-to lipsticks! It lasts long, it’s really difficult to smudge, it’s highly pigmented, it dries quickly, and it’s super matte.

The downside, however, is due to its high pigment, it’s really difficult to remove as well. I had to use oils to get it off my lips. The finish is a little bit dry and feels cake-y but it’s easy to rectify using a clear lip balm.

  • Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked

This is one of my favorite lipsticks due to its high pigmentation and super matte finish. It’s not easy to dry on my lips, though, and I have to wait a lot or I might over-apply. I don’t like the smell though. It feels a little bit cake-y as well, but it’s nothing a lip balm can’t fix! The color is perfect for me, it’s the classy kind of dark, blood red that I can use with anything. It’s easily removed by eating, however, so sometimes I need to reapply on the waterline area.

Through using this lipstick I realized that I shouldn’t smack my lips while applying liquid lipsticks since the finish will look cracked instead of flat.

  • Colourpop Lippie Stix in Dalia

Okay, this one I’m not sure if it’s fake or not. It was given to me and when I searched the swatch of Dalia, it’s really similar to this lipstick’s color. This dark plum is my go-to rockstar chic lippie and also my favorite contrast when I wear white/light grey.

It has a matte finish and is really long-lasting. I don’t usually retouch my lipstick when I use this, even after eating so that’s a good characteristic of a lipstick, even though this could possibly have a different formulation with the real Colourpop Lippie Stix. It’s really easy to apply as it glides smoothly on my lips.

  • Menow KissProof 011

One of my most frequently used lipsticks due to its super matte finish, easy application, and the color is really perfect! Dark red with a slight undertone of brown. After applying this, it feels a little bit cake-y but again, lip balm is the solution. It doesn’t smudge on anything, even on my paper cups or plastic utensils! Really long lasting even when drinking a lot of liquid. It’s also difficult to remove but not as difficult as the LA Girl Pigment Gloss. It’s really super cheap, too!

This lipstick makes me feel so empowered whenever I use it. The only downside is you have to hoard this because 1) it’s favored by a lot of women and due to this, it’s almost always out of stock, and 2) it runs out fast if you use it regularly since it’s not retractable; what you see is what you get, so better get a sharpener along with it.

  • Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen

Nyx SMLC is an absolute favorite in terms of application and smell! The buttery smell of it makes me want to eat it but of course it’s not edible. The application is super smooth and the finish is matte as said. Copenhagen is the second to the darkest color for SMLC (as far as I know). It’s easy to smudge, though, but it’s not really a problem for me. Usually, I dread retouching lipsticks because I can feel the layers and feels heavyweight, but Nyx SMLC is lightweight even on its second application. I hate that this is such a popular brand because stocks run out fast! And there is no Nyx store in Baguio so either I buy online or wait until I have to visit my relatives in Manila. I make it a point to buy at least 3 of this kind because I will never know when will be the next time I can get one of these.

  • Ever Bilena Matte in Dusk

I was skeptic on buying Ever Bilena products because the quality isn’t that high. However, these EB Matte lipsticks are so worth it! The application, however, feels chalky, but once it’s on your lips it’s lightweight and not easy to smudge. Dusk is also dark red with brown undertones but it’s more red than the KissProof one. Whenever I can’t decide on which lipstick to use, I almost always pick this one because it goes well with my dark and light colored-clothes.

It’s a little bit easy to smudge but it leaves a film of red on your lips, much like a lip tint so it’s okay. The finish is also flat and not crack-y unless you didn’t moisturize your lips.

So here you go for part 1! Part 2 will include my light colored lipsticks and the swatches for everything, including my lip concealer I had mentioned in my  last makeup post. I apologize I can’t post it immediately due to tiredness from work. Thank you for understanding and keep posted!



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