Usual makeup routine: review and swatches (Part 2)

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

Bonus: Eyebrows (and lips!)


  • Marionnaud N38 Eyes
  • Nichido Eyebrow Gel in Clear, 6.5 mL – ₱90
  • Pinkies Collection Eyebrow Cake in 01, 3g
  • In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in Eyebrowns 2, 3.5g
  • LA Girl Lip Concealer in Natural 01

I rarely draw my brows, thanks to my genes giving me the bushy kind, but sometimes I like going a little bit extra even though it doesn’t look like it changes anything. I start with combing the liquid makeup and powder off of my brows using the Marionnaud brush. The bristles are kind of hard so it’s a little rough on the skin.

Next, I apply the clear brow gel from Nichido, however it looks beige-ish in the picture because of the leftover powder/BB cream on my brows that I didn’t manage to comb out. The application is still clear though. It dries really fast and keeps my brow hairs in place, it also makes it look fuller, so I stop my brow routine here sometimes. There are other colored brow gels from Nichido but I haven’t tried it yet.

For the brow powder, I was once blonde so I use the In2It to “match” my brows to my hair. Of course, use the medium shade to line, the light shade at the inner, and the dark shade at the outer. It is waterproof since it does not smudge from sweat but I’m not sure about swimming in the pool or the ocean. Let’s use water-resistant, I guess?

Now that my hair is black I use the Pinkies Collections, however my face looks a little bit strong even if I use the lighter one, so I seldom draw my brows now. I’m not sure if this is also water-resistant, but both powders have the same powdery consistency, both are highly pigmented and easy to blend.

I’m not even sure why I take so much time to draw my brows since more often than not, they are covered by my bangs.



Here are the swatches for my liquid to semi-liquid make up (from top to bottom): LA Girl HD PRO BB Cream in Natural, LA Girl HD PRO Conceal in Green Corrector, LA Girl HD Pro Conceal in Pure Beige, LA Girl HD Pro in Creamy Beige, Nyx Wonder Stick 04 Contour, Nyx Wonder Stick 04 Highlighter, Ideal Luminous Concealer Stick in Almond

P_20170307_191926Here are the swatches for the powder make up on paper. First row (L-R): FAB BB Cream Pressed Powder SPF 20 in Natural, Covergirl Trublend Minerals in 410, Mary-Kate and Ashley Bare Effects Sheer Mineral Powder in Golden Bronze; Second row: In2It Waterproof Eyebrow Colour in Eyebrowns 2, in order; Third row: Pinkies Collection Eyebrow Cake in 01, in order.

I did not swatch the lip concealer because it will be included in my lipstick collection post, so stay tuned! I will also be posting on how I contour myself and maybe, how my make up routine looks on my face and not just swatches.

My makeup has never caked even during sweaty days so that’s also a yay for my routine! It works really well for me. I look forward to trying other techniques since I’m a beginner in this kind of art. Do tell me what I should add to my routine!



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