Usual make up routine: review and swatches (Part 1)

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

It’s been a while since I last posted and today I’m choosing to NOT talk about travel but another thing I do a lot — makeup! I’ll be describing my usual routine (I don’t do this everyday, my skin needs to breathe) and I have a few disclaimers: 1) I am not, in any way, a professional makeup artist, 2) I tend to go light on my makeup routine so do not expect Instagram-ish makeup, and 3) I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I have no professional camera or anything, the lighting is bad, but what matters is the product…right? 😦



  • Myra VitaSmooth Hydrating Facial Moisturizer, 50 mL – ~₱64.75
  • LA Girl HD PRO BB Cream in Neutral (GBB944), 30 mL – ‎₱399.00

First things first, I am super in love with Myra products because they’re really cheap and their products do not disappoint…except for this moisturizer. The consistency on my face was greasy, like I was applying oil, but on the upside it dries fast and you only need so little to apply to your whole face. Still, I prefer using moisturizers from Celeteque though it’s really pricey.

I apply the BB Cream as a foundation because as I’ve said, I prefer light and I feel that full-coverage foundation is too heavy for my skin. LA Girl’s Pro BB Cream’s consistency is very smooth, it feels like I’m not applying anything on my skin but it makes my skin color even. It diminishes a little bit of redness and covers some of my mini-freckles and other dark discolorations. However, using concealer is still a need if you don’t want anyone to notice that pimple or dark mark because the coverage is very light but it’s satisfying enough for me. This also blends easily with beauty blenders and paddle brushes.

No primer for me because 1) I don’t find the need because I do not have extra large pores, and 2) I’d rather spend my money on surfing. I want to try the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser (₱299.00) though because I’ve heard good reviews about it.



  • LA Girl HD PRO Conceal in Green Corrector (GC992), 8g – ₱395.00
  • LA Girl HD PRO Conceal in Pure Beige (GC976), 8g – ₱395.00
  • LA Girl HD PRO Conceal in Creamy Beige (GC973), 8g – ₱395.00

What can I say? I love LA Girl products! As many of you know, green color corrector is used for red marks. By default, my cheeks are kind of red because of the weather, and for some unknown reason, really red acne sprouts every now and then as if I’m just entering my puberty so this color corrector is an essential product for me. When I blend this, it’s like the area is whitish in color so I have to put a little bit of “life” on those areas using the Pure Beige concealer.

I have really dark circles under my eyes — the repercussions of staying up late. Luckily, the concealers help me with this problem. I apply the pure beige one first and once it dries out, I apply the creamy beige to serve as a “highlight” as well. Actually, creamy beige was my first LA Girl concealer but due to surfing, my skin got a little bit darker so I had to switch to pure beige. Nevertheless, it gives me great coverage especially on my unwanted dark areas. The consistency is much like their BB cream, and it also blends well using a beauty blender. (I have no paddle brush for this.)

Contour & Highlight


  • Nyx Wonder Stick in Universal (WS04), 4g each
  • Ideal Luminous Concealer Stick in Almond (F101),
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Bare Effects Sheer Mineral Powder in Golden Bronze (880), 10g

I apologize for not including the price, these were given to me as gifts (like most of my makeup.) I’m new to contouring so I the Wonder Stick works well with me. The contour part glides easily on my skin, but the highlighter part was a little bit chalky/sticky. It also reflects how it blends because the contour blends easily while it takes me a lot of dabs with my beauty blender before the highlight blends well and transforms my face from glazed doughnut to ~pretty~ glazed doughnut.

The Ideal Luminous concealer stick is almost white. I use this as a highlighter sometimes, though it’s more difficult to blend and the finish is kind of flat so I use this to highlight my brow bone and eyelids. It’s a little bit difficult to blend as well and kind of chalky.

I use the bronzer for a deeper contour. It’s highly pigmented, which is good, but. I don’t use this as frequently as others. I try to look as natural as I can. But when I do, I brush off the excess bronze using a powder brush. I apply a little bit of this on my T-Line and on my chin for a little bit of “life” over the glaze-ish highlighter. Also, this is super powdery so be careful when applying this especially with white clothes on.



  • FAB BB Cream Pressed Powder SPF 20 in Natural, 17g
  • Covergirl Trublend Minerals in 410, 18g
  • The Body Shop Blusher Brush

Again, no price because both are gifts and the brush is my mom’s. Both powders have a matte finish on my skin, but the FAB powder lasts longer and is lighter than the Covergirl one. The Covergirl powder is translucent so it can be used for a specific technique — “baking” — and I’m so excited to try that technique once I have the time. There are some days when I prefer using loose powder or compact so I alternate between the two depending on my mood. The FAB powder is easy to crumble but it doesn’t really matter, just that you have to take good care of it. The Covergirl one is really powdery so be cautious (again) when applying this. It gives a little bit shine because it looks like there are glitters.

I apply these both to my face with a blusher brush from The Body Shop. The fibers are really soft and it distributes the powder evenly. It’s also very sturdy and easy to clean so yay for clumsy and lazy me!

This is actually the end to my routine but sometimes I go a little bit extra…



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