Question of the Day #1: Tinder

Every day, I get a lot of questions from my workmates, my friends, and my family so I decided to include the most interesting ones in my blog plus my answers, of course. So here is #1!

Q: Have you ever used Tinder? Were you able to hook up with someone?

A: I used Tinder during the summer of my third year in college up until before the end of my first semester of my fourth year. I didn’t know then that Tinder is a place for unsolicited dick pics and getting asked “Dtf?” every now and then. But no, I never hooked up (like, the sexual kind) with someone from Tinder! I went on a few dates with some of them and some turned out to be one of my good friends now. Had new experiences with them, too. I can never think of Tinder as a legit dating app because I can’t take it seriously. For me, it’s just another place to meet new people. Hats off to my friends who found lasting love on Tinder, though!

So there you go. You can leave questions in the comments below, too!



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