Cooling down at Hydro Falls

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

Who knew that there are other sights to see in Baguio except Session Road, Minesview, and Burnham Park?

Hydro Falls is just 15-20 minutes away from the central business district. It is a refreshing alternative to your regular tourist destination, away from the crowd, and connecting with nature too.

Take the jeep bound for Camp 6, located at the alley behind Jollibee Harrison Road. The fare costs ₱17 and you have to remind the driver to drop you off at Hydro Falls. The jeep takes a little time to depart so you can grab your breakfast first at nearby stores. The jump off point is located just a little bit past the Lion Head. Once you see a small waiting shed with a hanging bridge near it, it’s time to start your hike towards the waterfalls.

I must say that the hike is difficult for me. I was wearing my rubber shoes so I had a hard time stepping on the rocky paths, and when I say rocky, I meant big rocks, boulders even. The trail, of course, is a dried up river with little water here and there flowing from the waterfalls. There was no established trail so Gio and I were just following the river blindly, not knowing that it will lead us to almost impossible trails. The rocks were very sharp (I only knew this on our way back!) so I don’t advise slippers and go for aqua shoes instead. River crossing is definitely a must unless you want to cling on rocks for your life. Get your bathing suit on, bring a bag that you can lift over your head, because the river can get up until the waist.

Arriving at the falls itself, I immediately forgot about every hardship I had for the past 30 minutes. Take note, 30 minutes. Yes, the trail is that short but dangerous and difficult. When I saw the pool I can’t wait to take a dip in it and get the sticky hot feeling off of me. So Gio and I settled our bags somewhere near the pool and he, being excited as he was, dived immediately into the water. I followed him shortly, and my skin was shocked by the cold water. It was painful cold at first, then refreshing. The water even tastes fresh. The pool is deep, maybe 30 to 40 feet, and the current is too strong so I didn’t dare let go of the rock I was holding on to. The rocks were also slippery because of the moss so I didn’t stand up to get back to our bags but crawled to it. We stayed for quite a while until our bodies got used to the feeling of the cold water. It was absolutely refreshing and the view is stunning. The rocky hike was worth it.

We left just in time before a large group of tourists came, and yes we had to go back the same way we went. I was wearing slippers then, getting a few nicks and cuts on my foot because jumping from rock to rock is a need, but we conquered the trail back faster than when we were going towards the falls. When we arrived at the main road, we had to wait for a jeep but it is also possible to hitchhike. I felt weary but also overjoyed because it was another thrilling and fulfilling trip! Afterwards, I got to sleep for a long time and it was one of the best sleeps I had, thanks to my aching muscles and fresh feeling.

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Things you need to know for your Hydro Falls trip:

  • Fare: ₱17, one-way
  • Registration: None
  • Guide fee: None
  • Dayhike: 30 minutes-1 hour
  • Campsite: None
  • Water: No potable water source
  • Cellphone/Data signal: Strong in most areas
  • Restrooms: None
  • Convenience Stores: Main road
  • Medical: None

Please don’t leave any trash around since there is no regular check up and clean up on the site. Be a responsible tourist!



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